Clown Escape

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Martin actually went from the office back home for there will be no one that will take his son to this costume party and he needs to be there for his mom was there. Martin couldn’t believe the circumstances that occurred which led to this, but it’s already done now and he must deal with it. Martin arrives at the house and he began beeping to signal his son that it’s time to leave. But after some long minutes however, Martin became agitated for his son was still inside the house and everyone here including him is starting to get late. Well he never actually knew though that his son was in some trouble and he only realized that when he got inside.

His son got trapped in his room for he changed there to his clown costume and the door jammed on him! That’s according to him, but for Martin though he thought this door just got locked and he just doesn’t know how to open it. Well he’ll need to find the key to it so he can open the room for that’s the only way, but the question was where? For he forgot where he put it! Escape players, you are now Martin here, will you be able to find the key to the door so his son can be freed from his room?

Clown Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Clown Escape

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