Scarlet Macew Parrot Rescue

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Jonathan’s scarlet Macaw is one unruly and naughty bird, he would try to train it but it wouldn’t listen, it just wants to do what it wants to do. Well it’s an animal so it’s going to do what it wants to whether Jonathan likes it or not. Still though he takes good care of his Macaw for it was still a gorgeous animal. One day as Jonathan was training his other birds in his room, this Macaw of his got unruly again! And as a result of that it managed to escape from his apartment!

Jonathan immediately went on to look for it for this entire place is the city, surely enough he will get very lost here due to the sights and loud sounds which were all over the place. Throughout the day Jonathan tried to look for it, he was now exhausted and walking slowly at the park. As he walked around this bend however his relief finally went-out, for he found his Macaw! But it’s weird though when he found the bird, it seems to be in a situation and it was another problem. Escape players, want to see what that problem is? Jonathan seems to be in need of help on that so will you be able to lend a hand and so that he can finally get his bird in his arms safely?

Scarlet Macew Parrot Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Scarlet Macew Parrot Rescue

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