Sand Forest Escape Game

Sand Forest Escape

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The land here had become dry now because summer is fast approaching, that of course dried the once saturated soil of the forest and it turned into a sandy one. Still no such harmful effects would it dealt to this environment, for it happens every year and the plants as well as the animals survive it all through that. But there is one effect that can prove significant however, and that is for the sake of the humans. When the soil dries, some of the vegetation dies and when it does that the trail can sometimes be missed for the ground seems similar now, unlike when it is saturated that the vegetation is constantly trampled on the trail, now every turn looks like a trail. That unfortunately got Yannie however, for she was inexperienced of the place and she just came to the forest for a trek.

Yannie got lost for that same reason and who knows where she is now exactly. Escape players, somebody needs help here in the forest, can you help Yannie out by spotting subtle clues so she can get back to the right way? Come and try the adventure here then, navigate through the forest so everyone can be home before dark.

Sand Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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