Room Escape 2 (Kidzee Online Games) Game

Room Escape 2 (Kidzee Online Games)

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The kid managed to get out the playground. However it seemed like he found himself in another tough situation. You don't know why but it seemed like your meeting him wasn't just a coincidence. It was the start of your adventures together. You didn't really mind though. You were in the time of your life when you were still weighing things. An opportunity came up to study abroad for two years but you were not sure if you should go. So this distraction from the kid kept you from thinking about it too much. Likewise, these adventures were like tests on how you could handle certain situations on your own. You were so used to having people around you who were always there to help. It was a nice change to be the one helping. But still, the kid shouldn't put himself in too much trouble.

You found a way to where he was. However, you lost the way out. You weren't familiar with the place as well. So you had to look around a few times to familiarize and remember the locations of objects. It was a bit fun for you though as you were exploring an unfamiliar place and get to interact with objects. Play Room Escape 2 (Kidzee Online Games) room escape game by Kidzee Online Games.

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