Room Escape 16 Game

Room Escape 16

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Room 16 is the most special room in this building. Nobody knows about it except the legitimate tenants in this establishment. Everybody thinks that this is just a plain apartment but they are wrong. This apartment is fun because of room 16. The party never stops in that room. Every tenant in this place has a special key to enter the room. However, the number one rule is that you can't share the key with anyone. That is your only pass to enter and get out from room 16. Because of the stressful day, you decided to go to room 16 and have some drinks. After a few shots, you felt a little tipsy. Because of this, you decided to back to your space. However, when you held your pocket, your key is not in there. It must have dropped somewhere in the room.

You have to find that key for you to get out from that place. Since nobody can lend you their key, you have to find your own way to look for that key. But you should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you to locate it. Room Escape 16 is another exciting room escape game from NSR Games. Enjoy!

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