Rescue Of Angel And Unicorn Game

Rescue Of Angel And Unicorn

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This must be the best dream that you have so far. You were dreaming that you are in an imaginary world with Angels and Unicorns. These are your two favorite creatures so you are really happy to see them together. You felt happier when you all played hide and seek. You are it so you count to ten until they are ready. "Ready or not, here I come!" that's what you said as you start looking for them. However, you heard another voice, "Help!" that sounds like a voice of an angel. The angel and unicorn might be in trouble and you have to help them out. But before anything else, you have to find them for you to be able to rescue those sweet creatures. There are so many items in this place that can help you for your rescue mission.

The thing is, you have to rescue the angel and the unicorn at least before you wake up. You want to wake up happily so you have to do your best to end this dream happily. Rescue Of Angel And Unicorn is the newest point n' click outdoor escape game made by Enagames. Good luck and have fun!

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