Rich Street Escape Game

Rich Street Escape

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Your childhood was really hard. Your parents left you in an orphanage when you were 3 years old and you grew up there. The institute was really poor, they barely gave you food and you always wore the same cloth. You'll always remember the days, when you were selling newpapers in the wealthy district of the city. Those boastful lords and ladies, they'd never seemed to care much about the world, only themselves. Since those days, you resent every single one of them. This is why you decided on becoming a burglar. When you reached the age of 16, the orphanage sent you on you way. You had nowhere to go, so you settled down in a cul-de-sac. Every day since then, you walk the rich streets and choose a good target to rob for the night. Let's look around, which house should be our next target?

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