Rat Rescue from Cage Game

Rat Rescue from Cage

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To the rescue! Have you ever heard the saying: "trapped like a rat"? Well, even if you have, this is a good chance to get a closer look at it. Rats are really inteligent animals. Although, most people find them disgusting, they can be used in several ways. In history, they were mostly known of the diseases they spread. But did you know they were planned to be used in wars as well? In the Second World War, Germans started to experimenting with them. One of their ideas was to hide explosives inside dead rats and put them beside the enemy's boilers, where they kept the coals. Shoveling the rats into the boilers would have caused an explosion. Today, an experimental rat was stolen from our laboratory. It contains importan information about our research, so you must take it back to our base. Good luck!

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