Restaurant Halloween Party Escape Game

Restaurant Halloween Party Escape

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Join the restaurant escape here for fun! Restaurant Halloween Party Escape is a brand new point and click shop escape game released by WoW Escape. Have Fun!

There was a Halloween themed party in the restaurant where Jonathan is loyal into and he was absolutely invited there for free. Jonathan arrives at the restaurant after an hour of driving and he saw the ghostly decorations there, that means the party can now start! The celebration did picked-up that day and through the night, Jonathan was quite tired to move from his seat now, so he just slept there where he sat. Morning came and he woke-up he made his vision clear, and then he thought why was he still in the shop! Nobody even woke him up and brought him home? There's nobody in there anymore except him which makes the situation even worst.

Escape players, Jonathan here doesn't know what's going-on, but he needs to leave now though for he still has a long way to go for home, well that's if he can. Care to join Jonathan here and see if you can all help him on his eventual problem in the shop? Good luck then everyone, have fun with us everyday!

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