Research Lab Escape

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This lab here is not a typical one really, for it’s very high-tech and is actually in space! Julius is a scientist and it’s actually his first time to ascend to this space research lab. There is very little people there at the moment for the first shift of scientists have already left the orbiting place and the new scientists including him are replacing them. Julius is very excited, and definitely his excitement will get paid, for the place was more awesome than he had expected.

Julius was assigned in a wing there where his room is for the next few months, he was going about the mostly empty place and at first it was good, he was following signs which are leading him to corridors and corridors of different rooms. He kept moving and moving until, he seems to have realized that he was lost! Well actually he is and is even trapped, for the room he entered was actually programmed to be one way at the moment and when he entered, the door closed and he couldn’t get out! Julius is not too concerned for this, for he knows how high-tech this place is and soon somebody will come and help him. But he doesn’t want to stay there and wait though, for what if nobody comes? Then he is stuck there. Escape players, Julius needs to get out of the room first so he can continue in finding his room wherever it may be. Will you help him with this and of course without damaging anything there?

Research Lab Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Research Lab Escape

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