Rescuse Dinosaur Egg Game

Rescuse Dinosaur Egg

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After opening a hidden part of the cave, your troubles continued. The party you were with didn't appreciate your initiatives. You had a feeling you were being a thorn in their way. But you couldn't care at all. You had your sight focused on more important things. The secret  part of the cave contained dinosaur eggs. You had no idea where the mother was. However, you had a feeling she might be near. Or she might have been taken cared of by other bad people. You hoped your first guess was what really happened to them. You were alone when you found the eggs. Then again, your colleagues might have found out you were missing. They must have followed you until they found the eggs as well. You tried so hard to keep them away. But they outnumbered you and took the eggs with them.

You felt so bad for letting it happen. You walked out of the cave feeling beaten. But the sound of a dinosaur from afar awoken your spirit. You followed the track of the bad people and found yourself in a garden. You needed to find all the eggs in time so you could return them before the mother dinosaur came back. Play Rescue Dinosaur Egg outdoor escape game by Knf Games.

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