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Rescue The Vulture

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Vultures are pretty rare in the forest, although some people come to spot them at times for they pass by the place flying higher than eagles, they are pretty big and hard to miss, guess one trap in the place that day didn't miss such an animal too. Fraser was in the forest that day searching and hunting for wild game legally that is, as he continues along the trail that's when he spots something in the distance, he pointed his sights at it and he saw that there was a big cage hidden in the foliage and inside it was a vulture!

Fraser slowly approached it then for even though what the cage captured could just be an accident, there was still this possibility that it might be intentional, and the one who set that trap there could be armed and ready to take a shot at him. Fraser was very careful as he approached until he was at arm's length with the cage, it seems that nobody is watching and of course nobody is allowed to capture vultures here. Fraser should just ignore this and leave, but for him it's not right to do so that's why he decided to free the bird as quickly as he can. Escape players, Fraser is already doing it, will you just help him out in freeing the bird so he can leave from there then?

Rescue The Vulture is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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