Rescue The Tiny Child

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Beau roams around the snowy forest for it was a cold morning and he loves doing that. As he passes-by the frozen lake’s bank though, he found a man and he was definitely not relaxed.

Beau saw there was a child on top of a break-away ice on the lake and she is trapped there! The ice is slowly moving away from the bank and the man who was her father could no longer get her for not only the water is very cold, he cannot swim. Beau can swim but he knows he is not fit enough to wade in that frigid water. But Beau will help in any way he can. Escape players, imagine you are Beau here, will you be able to save that child from the ice and bring her back to her father?

Rescue The Tiny Child is a new point-and-click icy outdoors rescue escape game developed by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Tiny Child

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