Rescue The Stork (Top 10 New Games)

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Storks are a pretty widely diverse species of bird, although some aren’t really storks but only looks like it, still there are a lot of them almost everywhere. Well except in Jonah’s area though where storks are starting to decrease in numbers due to reasons still unclear, maybe loss of habitat or probably poaching is to blame? They aren’t really a type of animal that is valuable to be poached but it can be a possibility though. Because of the animal’s scarcity, Jonah was called one day for a rescue and obviously he is to rescue a now slowly declining bird in the place which was the stork!

Jonah didn’t expect at all to rescue such a bird today for he hadn’t done that for a while, the last time he did that was rescuing a wild peacock which got trapped in a hunter’s hidden snare. Well it’s not always he gets to rescue birds let alone a slowly declining one. Escape players, Jonah doesn’t really know what trapped the stork in an area in the forest, it might be man-made or probably natural which was quite unlikely, but he’ll rescue the stork though for that one can be a huge factor in the survival of their species. Come and join in the rescue here everyone with Jonah and be ready, for an armed poacher might be in the bushes hiding and waiting.

Rescue The Stork is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.