Rescue The Sparrow Egg 01

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The forest is quiet today but that doesn’t remove the fact that the mischievousness of this place is still there. Things are not normal in this forest and Finnegan knows that for he roams there quite often. He is careful now to keep his things to himself or else some of the animals there will take it. That day though as he ventures, something needs some help and it’s quite concerning for a life is involved in this.

Some fox which Finnegan knows is a mischievous creature stole this one sparrow’s egg! Now the sparrow can’t do anything about it for the fox was a hundred times bigger than it. Finnegan will help this sparrow get her egg back, but this will not be easy. Escape players, would you like to help Finnegan on this? Careful then, for you don’t know this could all be a mischievous plot.

Rescue The Sparrow Egg 01 is a brand new point-and-click retrieval rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Sparrow Egg 01

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