Rescue The Oceanographer Game

Rescue The Oceanographer

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Teams have been sent all-over the reef for the rehabilitation of the coral gardens there which had just been initialized. For now, two personnel have been deployed in certain areas there and one was an oceanographer, and the other was William who was a photographer. He was tasked to photograph species of corals there and fish, so that he can show it to other scientists to add to their data collection. Everything had gone smoothly and everybody is expecting it to end like a landslide, but trouble came though and because William was the nearest to the trouble, he must respond to whatever that is for it involves a person!

It most definitely is the oceanographer that's in-trouble, he seems to be trapped for his mini-sub won't move! There must be a snag or something, or maybe failure of the sub? Either way William must be there so that the team above will have eyes and so they can send whatever is needed down there. For now William must try to solve anything that he can and this escape players, will be a bit difficult. Escape players, come and play as William here as you all do a potential rescue here under the waves.

Rescue The Oceanographer is a brand new point and click underwater rescue escape game released by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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