Village Chateau Villa Escape Game

Village Chateau Villa Escape

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The village no longer has big luxurious houses for those have already been bought, well at least there are the small sized ones but even then it still has the luxury the big house can provide, the spaces are only smaller however. Reina just selected the smaller house even though she liked the bigger houses, well at least she saved-up a buck and for now she doesn't really need a big house, but she really wanted it. Reina settled-in for a week and everything was great and convenient, but one day she got trapped in the place though for the doors would not open. She managed to solve it but that day once again the problem happened and it's even more difficult to solve now!

What is wrong with the house here anyways? Pondered Reina. Why does the doors keep locking by themselves and each time it just gets even difficult? Did she miss something like a security system which she was not oriented? She tried the previous method to solve the matter but it wouldn't work, now she really needs help here. Escape players, want to help Reina here escape the house without damaging anything? Just make use and manipulate the things you'll find around the living-room or around the entire house.

Village Chateau Villa Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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