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Rescue The Mongoose

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The forest here is very big like the trees that live there, that's why a lot of people have set to protect the area for conservation and in no time, it got passed and now the place is a sanctuary! But even though the place is now a shelter for animals and different types of vegetation, poachers still managed to get in although barely and whenever they do make it in the place, they always manages to take something even though it is just one specimen but still that is enough and vital for the survival of the protected animals there. Well one day, Rico found one of them traps and inside it was a mongoose!

Rico was doing his rounds across the land when he found it, but it seems the trap is fresh and the mongoose had just recently got trapped in there, the animal seems to be healthy and unharmed but for now, there is very little time to free it for all he knows the poachers could already be on their way! Escape players, Rico is going to attempt something here and he knows it'll take too much time to call for help, the only hand he'll get is from you. Ready yourselves now as you free a mongoose and do this as quickly as possible.

Rescue The Mongoose is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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