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Carnival 2

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The carnival had just arrived at the town over and as a person who was a yearly patron, Val went to check her friends in their houses so she can come with company. But as she came to each and every one of their places however, none of them are at home and in-fact nobody is in the village at all where she resides! Val was absolutely confused what was going-on, did they all went to the carnival without her? But that seems to be impossible for not even the old people there who typically stays at home was not in the place. Val needs to solve this first before she can go to the carnival, but will she be able to find-out what's up in the village so she can leave?

Escape players, the carnival will only be in the town for a month, that's more than enough time for everyone to try what they can offer there, but Val here is currently facing a problem, will you join her and see if you can solve whatever the problem is?

Go ahead and test your skills here everyone! Carnival 2 is the newest point and click location escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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