Rescue The Halloween Witch

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It’s Halloween and Austin wanted to meet this particular witch for he will be asking her for advice. This witch, she is quite powerful and her looks doesn’t really say that, for she looks like a kid. But no one should underestimate her, for she is highly experienced in magic. When Austin arrives at her house though, something was going on in there and the main thing was she needs help!

The witch is trapped in a room there in her own house and when Austin found-out about that he immediately thought this was the work of some sort of magic, for if it isn’t then the witch can just use her magic so she can free herself, or something else is happening here. Escape players, imagine you are Austin here, will you be able to free the witch safely from being trapped? Find items around the house then that can help.

Rescue The Halloween Witch is another new point-and-click spooky house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Halloween Witch

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