Rescue The Fancy Girl Game

Rescue The Fancy Girl

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There was this fancy and beautiful girl who was the new guest at the apartment building, she looked very rich and somehow demands priority without even saying anything. Of course the staff of the place prioritizes every guest there and most definitely they will cater her as well. Johnny brought the fancy woman to her room and as a bell-boy, he did his job pretty well, but then again he was called up to the room again which he just brought their new fancy customer and he thought the woman forgot to give him a tip or something, but it was far more serious than that however.

The woman just got trapped in her room and when Johnny heard that, he quickly went with the spare keys from the reception. He knocked, entered, but when he proceeded however, he really thought that would already solve the problem but actually the woman was trapped inside a room inside her room there and that's the real situation! The woman was kind of hysterical already so he'll do this as quickly as possible. Escape players, want to help Johnny here rescue the fancy woman they have as a guest before she gives only 1 star rating?

Rescue The Fancy Girl is a brand new point and click room rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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