Rescue The Hungry Girl

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This forest here is very strange, there are magical things happening there and as the only person who goes in and out of the place, Junie knows a lot about it and he knows very much to stay away from the houses that’s there for they are not really man-made. He once went inside one of those structures and he got trapped! There was then this green corrosive liquid that came out from everywhere and he then felt that he was like a fly inside a flytrapper plant! He would have been and thankfully he managed to escape, but that day somebody was experiencing the same fate of his before and this one was a little girl!

At first Junie thought this was one of the tricks of the forest here so it can finally get him. But as he looked at it and analyzed the situation, he decided to help her even though he was a bit confused why was there a girl here in such a remote place. This girl if ever she is a real human will definitely get consumed by that house there, he needs to rescue her and maybe give her food then for that is what she is asking from him first. Junie needs to be alert here for this can still be a clever trap. Escape players, want to help Junie so he can get this done quickly?

Rescue The Hungry Girl is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Hungry Girl

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