Rescue The Dwarf

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Vincent knows of the dwarfs living in the forest here, mostly they are good and he is even friends with some of them, they don’t cross each others’ paths though for they are easily agitated. But that day one of them got in trouble and it so happened that this one was even his friend!

Vincent found his dwarf friend in a house near his home and he is trapped in there for he is struggling to get out. It so happened it is the one dwarf that he is friends with who was overly jolly. Vincent needs to get him out of there for it’s what friends are for, but he also needs help escape players, so would you like to assist Vincent on this rescue for his trapped dwarf friend?

Rescue The Dwarf is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Dwarf

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