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Rescue The Charming Pup
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Ernesto was happy he finally got the pup which he had been sight-seeing for days now at the town, he had been collecting money just to get that dog and he hoped and prayed that nobody will buy it before he does. Well his hardship bore fruit indeed for he finally got enough funds and then he bought that dog. Quickly, Ernesto went home and helped his new pup get settled in, the dog is definitely going to love living with him there, for his house is in the forest and he imagined that one day it is going to frolic around in the vegetation near his home, but that happened too early though, for he didn't quite prepare himself for the burst of energy from his dog.

Ernesto's new pup accidentally escaped from his house for it got very active to the point that it did! Ernesto then quickly chased the puppy but it was quite the fast one, eventually he lost sight of the animal. Ernesto was definitely saddened, but he still continued to look for it because he didn't want to sit and cry having sleepless nights because of it. Escape players, this might turn into a rescue here, want to join us with Ernesto and see if you can find his lost puppy?

Rescue The Charming Pup is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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