Country House Room Escape Game

Country House Room Escape
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Finally, Cole had a free time from work and he used that to go to the countryside where a village stands and that will be his destination. Of course he already called his friend there so they can prepare. After hours and hours of traveling, Cole finally arrives and his friend greeted him welcome. The countryside is really good and peaceful, plus the fresh-air is definitely lighter, he also was given a classic house to stay in. Thanks to his friend he will experience real peace and relaxation here away from the city.

The next morning came and Cole was ready for the day, he thinks he'll be doing more things there like simple stuff, but little did he know he'll be doing such a thing which he hadn't experience before even in the city! Cole noticed he couldn't get himself out of the house anymore, very strange, maybe there is a trick for this. Cole tried everything but still, nothing worked. Cole is getting concerned here and he even called his friend, but he reckons he can't hear him for the distance of the houses are far. Cole needs to get himself out of the house at least without destroying anything. Escape players, what will you do if you are experiencing the same situation as Cole's?

Country House Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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