Rescue The Calf

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The old village here is not going to get some sleep, for there was this wailing non-stop and as a resident there, James have had enough. So in the dark, he went on the search to find the source of this noise, he realized his neighbors were already on this problem too so it’s not that he was hearing things or something. Eventually on his search, James found the source, it was actually coming from a cow and its calf!

This calf was inside this cage and outside it was its mother, they were both wailing for as it looks, clearly they are separated. James is going to free this calf here now so that this noise will stop, but he is going to need some tools here though so that he’ll be able to free this animal. Escape players, would you like to assist James here for these two so that the village will finally have some peace and quiet?

Rescue The Calf is the newest point-and-click animal escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Calf

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