Rescue Girl From Easter Egg Game

Rescue Girl From Easter Egg

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A bunny must have forgotten to clean after the egg shells last Easter. It was one of the things a bunny should always remember since the eggs they were carrying were not ordinary eggs. They were magical eggs that could carry any surprise the maker wished to have inside. The magic lingered on after the eggs were broken. So the bunnies must collect every bit of the shells to prevent some problem from appearing. It turned out, that one of the bunnies wasn't feeling very well the day it was delivering stuffs for Easter. It was feeling so sick that it was in a hurry to go home. In its hurry, a broken eggshell remained. One girl was wandering through the forest hoping to spot the creature carrying eggs. Instead she saw the pieces on the forest floor. She was so curious as to what those things were.

So she picked it up. As soon as she touched the shells, they grew bigger than her. Then they engulfed her. Apparently someone wanted to have a sister and she may be just the kind that person was looking for. However, this was not how things should go so you need to help the girl escape. Play Rescue Girl From Easter Egg outdoor escape game by WoW Escape. 

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