Rescue From Black Gate

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This forest here which was full of mystery is being enclosed by a huge wall with an only passage there which was a black gate. It is advised by the people living near it that nobody should go in there maybe not alone or something for it can be quite dangerous there. But one person really didn’t listen and still went there by himself! That of course took quite a toll on him.

This person was Malone and when he entered the place which was actually very easy to do, it immediately dawned to him why the place was off-limits and now he needs to deal with it! Escape players, Malone is now trapped in the area for the black gate which was suppose to be open was now closed and locked! Malone is in serious trouble here now, but he remembered what his friends and family told him on how to fix this problem, and that is to try and find the key for this gate which was hidden somewhere in the place. Well, that’s kind of tough, but you will now be playing as Malone here, will you be able to escape the place through that now locked black gate?

Rescue From Black Gate is a brand new point-and-click outdoors escape game released by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue From Black Gate

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