Rescue Crazy Genie

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Such a treasure Norman have found on his last adventure trip, for he had found a genie’s lamp and in it was of course a genie! Norman was given wishes then and because he was definitely delighted, he decided not to decide on his first wish yet, maybe he’ll just spend time with the genie for really, the wishes given to him are limited and he could be wasting one on some useless wish there. Well he should have wished for something before though, for he never expected the genie here will be downright crazy!

Whenever it is out of its lamp, it would play pranks and antics! Sometimes it would resist returning to its lamp and it’s acting like a  teenager or something. Maybe that’s the result of being locked-away for thousands of years in a small place? That’s why Norman just lets it be for until he makes his wish, peace will return to his surroundings. That day though something happened and no matter how Norman tried to withdraw the genie, it wouldn’t for it somehow was being held by some sort of magic in the forest! For Norman, he thought that this could be a prank, or it could be something serious too, well what can he do now? If this is a prank then good for him for his plan worked, but what if this isn’t a prank? Then the genie has no help coming but from Norman alone, that’s why Norman finally decided to help him for there is a chance this could be serious, maybe if he makes this rescue then he’ll be less of a prankster after. Escape players, you will be playing as Norman here and rescuing his genie is now in your hands. Will you be able to get the magical being from whatever is trapping it?

Rescue Crazy Genie is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Rescue Crazy Genie


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