Rescue Christmas Santa Girl Game

Rescue Christmas Santa Girl

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It's Christmas again and Santa is going to be busy in a few hours, that's why he has help from the elves, to the villagers, and even from animals which was his reindeer. Also, there are more help which Santa gets, but the others are not known though and those are the children who checks the places Santa have been to just to see if he is able to deliver gifts to every kid there successfully. Those children are really not children however, but still they are very helpful as Santa assigned them as some sort of checkers or something. Keno knows about this though, for as one of the helper villagers of Santa, he is also interested in him and that's why he studies the old guy closely.

Keno knew about the children but he doesn't know what they really do though, so he followed one and this one was a girl, she just went into the forest which was very cold but Keno was determined to find-out what they do, so he followed her. But at some point however, the girl got lost and she looked very confused then! It's a good thing Keno is following her and he can help her. Also, this is his chance to know something about the girl and what they really do for Santa. Escape players, Keno here is going to help the girl so will you play as him and see if you can help as well in the snowy forest and also, find-out something?

Rescue Christmas Santa Girl is a brand new point and click winter wonderland rescue escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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