Renounce Villa Rescue Game

Renounce Villa Rescue

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In the search for the missing person in the wilderness, it already took many days now and the hopes in finding that person is getting slimmer and slimmer, some even think that this rescue mission is doomed, but nobody is giving-up hope yet and one day somehow, somebody got lucky, for he found a big ruined house and there is a huge chance that missing person is inside it!

Carlo was the rescuer and when he approached the lone house in the field, he immediately heard the call for help from someone and it's good that the wind calmed for a bit for if it had kept blowing, it would have muffled the sound and he wouldn't have heard the call! He was even hesitating to approach the house but when he heard the voice which has a high chance that it's the person they have been looking for, he went to the place's doorstep as quickly as he can. But there was a problem now, he is not able to get inside for the entrances are locked. It could be that the person got trapped in there for days and that's why the search took long? Now at least Carlo is there now and he only needs to get the person out of there. Escape players, want to help Carlo here rescue someone who is trapped in an old house? Go ahead then and use everything you can find and bring-out the best of your skills as well.

Villa Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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