Cursed Candle Forest Escape Game

Cursed Candle Forest Escape

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The forest near the town is very creepy, for every Halloween it becomes silent and after that, eerie lights can be seen in there then! Those are not swamp gas or travelers' torches however, nobody wants to travel there during those times and as for the lights, it comes from the ghostly candles there which are really hard to believe really, but for the townsfolk it is a yearly sight and a sign that they should not go near the place during those times. Nobody knows why such is happening in the area, they thought it could be an ancient curse and it might be, but the people knows not to go there when the lights begin.

As the night goes deeper however, Louie was still traveling for home which was in the town and he is really regretting now that he even made the journey, for he needs to pass the forest where the weird candle-lights appear and it's very unfortunate that he forgot it's the said day which only happens once every year! Right-now, Louie is standing right in-front of the candles and there are tips that if one is facing those candles in their midst, he or she must not touch it or look at it for too long, just keep going. That's exactly what Louie is doing but he can't navigate well for the candles are just everywhere. Escape players, will you help Louie here escape the forest which is for now docile? Hurry then before something happens and he might not be able to get home after!

Candle Forest Escape is another new point and click scary wilderness escape game made by WoW Escape.

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