Release The Submarine

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This underwater area is filled with mythical creatures! Yes, they exist here and they are really cautious of humans for well, they do not like their destructive behavior. So any human that is passing there or any man-made object that goes in the area, they really deal with. And so that day that’s why Alvin has a very dangerous but important mission here, for their submarine got stuck in that said area and somebody must go down there and release it so it can move.

There is no other way really, it’s worst too that there are people in that submarine and they cannot stay down there for too long. Escape players, Alvin will be putting his life in real danger here just to make the rescue, want to go with him then to assist him so he can get this mission done and hopefully get himself to safety as well? Find stuff for him that can help.

Release The Submarine is a brand new point-and-click underwater rescue escape game released by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Release The Submarine

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