Reindeer Waterfall Escape

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Reindeer waterfall is currently frozen for it’s winter, but the reindeer are still there for they can still do well in the cold weather. That day Clyde was in the place for he is just watching the deer there passing through the wilderness, it’s a humbling sight to see especially that the snow that day was just falling calmly. But little did he know his eventual situation there won’t be preferable anymore and that will drive him a bit in the not so calm side.

Clyde couldn’t find his way back to camp where he is staying and it’s weird for he knows the path well, but now it seems that he is absolutely not able to find it. It could be this snow, for it’s now covering all of the path here but Clyde cannot fix that no, so the only bright thing to do is to think and focus so he can guide himself back safely. Escape players, imagine you are Clyde here in this situation at reindeer waterfall, will you be able to navigate well and quickly before it gets too cold there?

Reindeer Waterfall Escape is a new snowy wilderness escape game developed by Escape Games New.

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Walkthrough video for Reindeer Waterfall Escape

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