Red Kangaroo Rescue Game

Red Kangaroo Rescue

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The red kangaroo which was a rare species of kangaroo in the wilderness here are highly protected creatures and that is why rangers roam the place to check each one that they tagged. One day as Earl was doing his rounds around the wilderness, he saw a red kangaroo and it was good and healthy, but when it turned to face him however? He saw that the kangaroo was actually injured in one of its arms! It looked like a knife's slash or something but anything can make that cut, that particular kangaroo must be rescued soon for an infection can grow in that wound.

Earl knows that it is not going to be easy in getting that kangaroo, for a lot of them is timid and that one is for sure. Earl doesn't want that kangaroo to get away further into the forest for it can be hard to find again, but at the same time he is going to need some help. Escape players, calling for help means going back to base and getting some people, they really should have radios here now, but at the moment Earl's only help is from you. Will you be able to help Earl here in rescuing such an animal before it gets hurt even more? Be careful now and stay absolutely calm and slow.

Red Kangaroo Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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