Red Bunny Rescue Game

Red Bunny Rescue

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Animals were your best friends. You always took time to greet them whenever you saw them on the streets or anywhere. However, you didn't have any pets at home. Your landlord didn't want any pets in the apartment. You talked to him so many times about it and you felt like you were slowly getting to him. Every time you reminded him about it, he would stop and think instead of rejecting the idea immediately. This gave you the hope that one day you'd have your cats or dogs running around your house soon. But for now, you had your neighbor's red bunny for your animal love. The bunny was quite a curious one. It seemed to clearly understand what was being talked about by humans around it. Its ears would turn towards the one who was talking and you felt like it would want to answer as well.

That was why you really enjoyed spending time with it. You would most of the time talk to the bunny when you had some things you wanted to release from your heart. But one day, you saw the red bunny entering the cage. The cage's door closed and it somehow startled the bunny. You wanted to free it from the cage but you had to look for the key first. Play Red Bunny Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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