Locked In Escape Kitchen Game

Locked In Escape Kitchen

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You were invited to stay for a while at the house of your friend. He would be away for a few days and needed someone to look after his house. He could leave it as it is, but he wanted to make sure that someone was looking after it. You didn't have your own house and had a roommate. So this didn't became a problem for you. You somehow wanted to stay in a new house for a few days just for a change of view and experience. Your friend toured you around his house and gave emphasis on the security features of the house. It was quite complicated that you couldn't keep your focus while he was talking about it. In your mind you just thought that you wouldn't touch anything so no problem would occur. He made sure to write the pass code though.

The first hour you were alone was peaceful. You did a little cleaning with the pieces of paper under the table in the living room. But you made sure to leave the order as it was. Then you went to the kitchen and started looking for the things you would be needing to cook. The door slowly closed and you thought it was just because of the wind. Play Locked In Escape Kitchen room escape game by Selfdefiant.

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