Rabbit Farmhouse Escape Game

Rabbit Farmhouse Escape

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You designed your farmhouse to cater animals that were closest to your heart. One of them were the rabbits. They were like the cutest animals for you and you would always want to see them. You enjoyed watching them hopping around and twitching their noses. But you didn't want anything ordinary for them. So you designed a fun house for them to hop around. It wasn't only fun for the rabbits. But it was more fun for the people who would visit the rabbits. You always wanted to have a reason to visit your farmhouse and this was such a good motivator. Your caretakers were all working harder because they knew you really cared for your property. However, you didn't know much about the installations of the place. You always needed someone to be with you to guide you on the ropes to pull or buttons to push.

Then one day, you decided to be hands on with the jobs at your farm house. You really wanted to have more interaction with the rabbits. So you offered to feed them by yourself. The caretakers warned you of the tricky house of the rabbits. You told them you'd be fine so they left you alone. But they shouldn't have as you had no idea on the way out. Play Rabbit Farmhouse Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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