Pumpkin Garden Escape (Enagames) Game

Pumpkin Garden Escape (Enagames)

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Golden pumpkins are like Easter eggs. You know they're there but you have look around carefully to find them. Your previous search may have not been very productive. But it leads you to this garden where your chances are higher. The pumpkin man is very eager to get his hands on these golden pumpkins. However, he has to wait and you have to move fast. The pumpkin man is not one of the patient kinds. You can even hear him growl even kilometers away. And this has become your reminder that he really wants the golden pumpkins. So you look carefully around the garden. Then you see something sparkle on the ground. You look at it closely. But as you are about to get a hold of it, the rest of the pumpkins hid. You're now left with just patches of pumpkins.

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