Precious Pirate Pearl

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You don’t ask much from your father. You know he has a lot money but you can’t just ask him anything. So to be safe, you asked him to buy you an island. It’s really nothing much. Your father could buy a whole lot more but you only asked for one. Since he can’t get you to like anything else, he gave in to but you an island. However, you have to choose and find your own island. He’ll be very willing to pay all the expenses as long as you find it yourself. Since your father will be paying for it, you set out and instantly found an island. The boat leaves you alone on the island to search for any inhabitants and inform them of your plans. While walking around, you didn’t see any ordinary people. But instead, you meet a pirate.

You know how pirates are. You can’t just easily talk to them and they be giving you what you need instantly. Still, you try to inform him that you’ll be buying this island. He smiles and tells you to finish a task first. You don’t have anyone else with you so you have to finish it yourself. Precious Pirate Pearl is an outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.