Variety Blue Room Escape Game

Variety Blue Room Escape

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You love everything blue. When you were younger, your parents went against the norm and painted your room blue. Most parents would want their baby girl to stay in a pink place. You didn't get that and so you developed a love for blue. It so happened that your school uniform was blue and that your things are all blue. So most of your friends started calling you "Blue Girl". Your parents worried about it. Blue could mean sad and them calling you "Blue Girl" might make you a sad girl. Because of this, your parents transferred you to a different school. And that's when you started being truly blue. You don't know anyone there and mingling with new people is hard. So you end up being alone most of the time. However, your love for blue still remains but no one cares anymore.

This blue motif continues until now. Your house is with the tints and shades of blue. Yet it seems like you can't get enough of blue that you plan to visit a blue room for inspiration. But many rumors are circulating about it. Will you be able to escape the room without any problems? Play Variety Blue Room Escape room escape game by Eight Games.

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