Pirate Young Man Escape

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Amongst the rough pirates, there is a handsome and charming young man, not too old but not too young to be called a boy. Just right and he is dashing in looks. People in the village wonder why he is a pirate, he looks more like royalty than so and they all think he could have a different future than pillaging and plundering.

As a fair maid in the village, Belle sees the guy as indeed dreamy, but she doesn’t want to get involved with pirates and that’s why she turns away when he is around. But that day though, it seems that destiny is really bringing them together, for as Belle was doing her chores near her home, he found the same handsome pirate and he is trapped in this house! Belle almost ignored him, but the guy asked for help and Belle was of course stopped. Belle really doesn’t want to get involved, but somebody needs help here and as a person who is helpful, she must. Escape players, this definitely could be destiny that is bringing these two together, but will you help Belle with this rescue though for this is kind of tricky for her?

Pirate Young Man Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Pirate Young Man Escape

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6 months ago

It won’t work