Pink Land Escape

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The old people in the village have strongly advised the young many times to never go into the pink forest for even though its name sounds good, the place have taken a lot of lives and they do not want to add more to that number. Still though, the young does not understand what the adults are saying for they haven’t experienced it themselves, and because they are not really the most patient residents there, incidents of children going there are happening every year and that’s why the adults needed to put some safeguards around the place like a sturdy and big gate. Even after all of that, there is still one kid that made it through that day, and that is Barry!

Barry is a kid who was quite the curious one, that’s why even though he was warned many times not to go there, he still went and now, he is paying for the consequences of his actions. Barry is now lost in the place and he never really thought that the vegetation there is going to be very thick. Guess entering there wasn’t so smart after all, now he needs help there. Escape players, surely he learned his lesson there, or maybe he didn’t? Well whatever it is in his mind you still need to help him for he is just a kid, surely he’ll heed better on warnings in the future, hopefully. Guide him out of there and be careful yourself, for the place is dangerous for both kids and adults alike.

Pink Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.