Oval Axoloti Escape

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The warrior and hero axolotl who lives near the village is called Oval, he is quite the famous figure here and that’s why people respect him. He fights bad guys who wishes to do harm to the village there and its people, he always wins despite of his small size and that’s what makes him dangerous to his enemies. But that day he is going to need some help though, for he was catching fish in the river when it seems these enemies of his have caught-up to him and his abilities were finally no match for it.

Oval is trapped in this cage and now he couldn’t escape! Thankfully you were around when this happened, now you need to get him out of there so that this can be investigated into then. Escape players, will you be able to get Oval the hero axolotl out from where it’s trapped?

Oval Axoloti Escape is brand new point-and-click rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Oval Axoloti Escape

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