Old Teacher Escape Game

Old Teacher Escape

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You rarely enjoy school. When you were young, you dreaded going to school. It was like a punishment for you. You didn't like your teachers because you feel they were always out there to scold you. As far as you could remember, you were a pretty good learners. Your scores were high but you didn't speak in class. Or to anyone else for that matter unless they spoke to you first. You thought things might change when you change school and enter into higher grades. But for all these years, you remained the same. Maybe even more awkward having to transfer school in your high school years. College years came and you somehow slowly let go of being afraid. You still dreaded school but you became a little more relaxed. Somehow you learned to not care too much about what others might think.

Then you met your freshmen teacher. He was quiet as well and just gave awkward smiles to students. But when faced with few students, he would talk a lot. Sometimes he would talk faster than you can grasp. Yet he became a friend and more like a father. After a few years of graduating, you decided to give him a visit. But what you saw worried you. Play Old Teacher Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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