Old Medieval Tavern Escape Game

Old Medieval Tavern Escape

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You are a history major student so you have to do a lot of research about the past times. The thing that you have to study right now is about the Medieval Period. This period is so colorful and there are so many things to learn about it. To help you with that, you went to a real Medieval tavern. This is the most amazing place that you've ever been to. You can imagine how the medieval people celebrate in here. You can still smell the old wines and beers in this room. However, you can't stay here for too long because you still have a lot of things to research on. But since this tavern is too old, it's hard to open the door.

On the good note, there are objects in this old tavern that you can use to open the door. Aside from that, there are also clues that can see. You just have to use your logic to analyze the clues. Your logic is also important to solve the puzzles that you will encounter along the way. Play Old Medieval Tavern Escape, a brand new point and click room escape game from 365 Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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