Medieval Town Escape Episode 2 Game

Medieval Town Escape Episode 2

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Medieval is the era of knights and armors and this is what you hate the most. Peace and love is hard to get during this time. You just want to live a peaceful life. However, you can't have the life that you want unless you escape from this town. Good thing that there is a way to achieve that. However, you have to solve a lot of puzzles before you can escape from this Medieval Town. Those puzzles will lead you to a more peaceful era so you don't have a choice but to solve those. But you should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you out. However, those clues are in subtle places so you still have to look for those. Another thing that can help you out are the objects that you can see along the way.

You can pick those up and use your logic to convert those items into an escape tool. The knight might come out anytime soon so you have to be quick. Medieval Town Escape Episode 2 is a brand new point n' click outdoor escape game from Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. Good luck and have fun!


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