Old Blue Room Game

Old Blue Room

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Out of all the colors, why did you have to pick blue? You made good use of the free time you had by visiting your relatives. Actually, you had no idea who they were. But your mother insisted on you meeting them. You haven't seen these people once, not even in pictures. You may have heard your mom talk about them but in a way that you can't tell who they are. They live on another part of the country. You have to go by plane to get there and you did. It was a long travel but somehow you're happy. If it was just you, you wouldn't have thought of going to their place. It's known for being dangerous. There was even a song about the chaos going on there. However, when you looked past the things said about the place, you were able to see its beauty.

Your relatives welcomed you warmly. You just smiled awkwardly as you're trying to absorb the situation. They brought you to many tourist destinations and paid for all of them. All you were able to do was smile and say thank you every time. Night time came and you had a chance to choose a room. You picked the blue one. Then something else took place. Play Old Blue Room room escape game by 365 Escape.

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