Easter Celebration House Game

Easter Celebration House

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You have to celebrate Easter because this is the most glorious event in the liturgical year. Thankfully, you have a place to celebrate Easter and that is the Easter House. This house only opens during Easter and automatically closes when the day is over. Because of this, you started your celebration early so that you can also pack up early. However, the celebration was so fun and you did not notice the time. It was extremely late when the party ended and when you looked the clock, it was already past Easter. You tried to open the door but you can't. You have to wait for Easter next year for it to open again but that's not what you planned to do. There are lots of items in the celebration house that you can use to unlock the door.

You can't wait for another year to get out. So you have to move and find those hidden items. You must also use your logic and think of a way to open the door quickly. This is your only chance to escape. Play Easter Celebration House room escape game from KNF Games and try to escape as fast as you can. Enjoy!

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