Officer Rescue From Desert Game

Officer Rescue From Desert

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Officers have already been deployed to the vastness of the desert for a man had gone missing there and for days they struggle to find him. That day, there was even a lost officer and now they are struggling to find him! This is slowly cascading into a more serious problem now and as a new officer deployed for the rescue, Abel needs to get his game-face on so he can find his missing fellow officer quickly, of course he needs to stay alert or he will be next who will get lost in the dry place.

Escape players, Abel might need your help here for venturing in the desert will not be easy even for seasoned personnel who knows the place already, they have an edge but for Abel who barely knows the area he must take caution with every step. Place yourself on the shoes of Abel here everyone, ready for the challenges and make it back before the sun goes down, hopefully you'll have Abel's co-officer and the missing person with you.

Check this rescue challenge out and be ready for the desert. Officer Rescue From Desert is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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